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Current Page: Hexprobe

Hexprobe: Hex Editor and Hex-Byte Viewer

This is a professional hex editor for manipulating binary files, disk drives, and system processes. It offers full basic functionality to edit the contents of binary files. It provides many extended functionality to edit the contents of disk drives and processes. It also supplies some powerful tools to make the hex-byte editing and the data-pattern analysis quick and easy.

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key features

  • powerful hex editor
    View, search, and edit any file of any size on your disk drives easily and quickly. Import/export C, HTML and formatted text. Convert hex to dec or dec to hex.
  • featured disk and process editor
    Find in disk/drive and process. Find and repair problems with disk drives and processes. Manage critical disk sectors with predefined templates.
  • advanced template technology
    Allow any binary file to be mapped with a hierarchical list of variables that could be understood and edited in a much easier fashion.
  • efficient data analyze and edit
    Analyze and edit binary files with powerful tools, such as: Find, Replace, Find in Files, Compare Files, Bookmark, etc.
  • essential data presentation
    Present and interpret data according to the most essential conditions.
  • text editing mode support
    toggle editing mode between Text and Hex. Support C/C++, HTML, PHP, ASP, JScript, etc. Support syntax coloring, code outlining and line indenting.
  • extra useful tools
    A base converter for converting large integer between bases 2 through 36. Three calculators for generating checksum, CRC-value and hash-value on either entire file or selection.
  • more features
    Windows 8/7/Vista Support; In-place browse and edit; drives plug-play; WYSIWYG effect output; HTML online help. And more about Hexprobe Hex Editor...

what's new?

  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 5.0 (Jan 26,2014):
    1.Added: The ability to work with Windows 8/7.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.31 (Jun 26,2009):
    1. Fixed: The bugs in product evaluation.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.3 (Jun 15,2008):
    1. Added: Information Window and dual monitors support.
    2. Improved: Data Watch Tool and Quick Goto Tool.
    3. Fixed: The bugs in bookmark and selection.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.2 (May 16,2008):
    1.Added: Support for editing XML, VBScript files.
    2.Added: More than 10 text editing commands.
    3.Improved: Some text editing functions.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.1 (May 04,2008):
    1.Added: Support for editing HTML, PHP, and ASP source files.
    2.Added: Language specific code outlining.
    3.Added: Features to create text files.
    4.Improved: Some hex editing functions.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.0 (Mar 24,2008):
    1.Added: The ability to edit files in the text mode.
    2.Added: Support for editing C/C++, JScript, and Java source file.
    3.Added: Syntax coloring and automatic line indent.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.7 (Feb 01,2008):
    1.Added: Document template version 2.0 technology.
    2.Updated: Document template samples.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.63 (Jan 04,2008):
    1.Added: The ability to convert file/selection to decimal and save it.
    2.Fixed: The bug when open file using explorer context menu.
    3.Improved: Some user interface elements.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.62 (Nov 18,2007):
    1.Fixed: The known bugs in replace, column selection, and undo.
    2.Improved: File comparision, Checksum/CRC/Hash calculations.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.6 (Oct 15,2007):
    1.Added: The ability to work with Windows Vista.
    2.Fixed: The bugs while editing memory/module data.
    3.Improved: Some user interface elements and online manual.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.51 (Sep 19,2007):
    1.Fixed: The bug that failed to execute JScript on some OS.
    2.Improved: The Undo/Redo process, the modified text display.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.5 (Sep 12,2007):
    1.Added: The ability to search/replace multiple-line text.
    2.Added: The ability to apply template at any position.
    3.Fixed: The bug that failed to read sectors on the system drive.
    4.Improved: Several often used dialog boxes.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.41 (Aug 28,2007):
    1.Optimized: Search and replace.
    2.Improved: Find in disk/drive.
    3.Improved: Disk properties.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.4 (May 25,2007):
    1.Added: The ability to declare enum types/bit-fields in templates.
    2.Added: Template functions and samples.
    3.Improved: Template technology and output.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.3 (Apr 16,2007):
    1.Added: The ability to view and export the sectors of CD or DVD.
    2.Fixed: The bug in Quick Goto Tool.
    3.Improved: The toolbar of Base Converter.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.2 (Apr 08,2007):
    1.Added: Some buttons on the standard toolbar.
    2.Enhanced: The functions of the disk and process editing.
    3.Improved: Keyboard selection and Data Watch Tool.
    4.Improved: Some user interface elements and online help.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.1 (Mar 14,2007):
    1.Added: CRC calculator and tools toolbar.
    2.Added: The ability to calculate 64-bit checksum.
    3.Improved: Keyboard selection and Goto commands.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.01 (Feb 02,2007):
    1.Added: Several template functions.
    2.Improved: Online help documents.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 3.0 (Jan 20,2007):
    1.Added: Base converter, checksum and hash-value calculators.
    2.Added: The ability to edit number in binary system.
    3.Improved: Some user interface elements and online help.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.42 (Nov 20,2006):
    1.Improved: File comparison function.
    2.Fixed: The bug in toggling the Address Panel.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.41 (Oct 12,2006):
    1.Added: The ability to enter 64-bit integer in hex/dec/oct formats.
    2.Improved: The scroll control for editing huge data file.
    3.Fixed: The bugs in editing large data file and read-only file.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.4 (Oct 01,2006):
    1.Added: The possibility to edit huge data file of 4GB or more.
    2.Improved: Large data file and template processes.
    3.Fixed: Some known trivial bugs.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.31 (Sep 08,2006):
    1.Added: Enter number in hex/dec/oct formats.
    2.Improved: Find in disk/drive, files, and processes.
    3.Fixed: Bugs in data delete/insert, hex-byte replace.
    4.Fixed: Other known trivial bugs.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.3 (Aug 30,2006):
    1.Added: Find in disk and find in drive.
    2.Added: Disk map and drive cluster bitmap.
    3.Improved: Disk View, find in files, find in processes.
    4.Fixed: Bugs in application options.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.21 (Jul 18,2006):
    1.Added: Template type alias support.
    2.Added: Template functions and samples.
    3.Improved: Template technology and online help documents.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.2 (May 31,2006):
    1.Added: Advanced document template technology.
    2.Added: Windows BMP, ICON, WAV, EXE / DLL templates.
    3.Improved: Online help documents.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.11 (Apr 26,2006):
    1.Added: View critical disk sectors with predefined templates.
    2.Added: Simulant caret in Character Panel and Hexdata Panel.
    3.Improved: Online help documents.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.1 (Mar 15,2006):
    1.Added: More flexible data insertion function.
    2.Added: Backup, restore critical disk sectors.
    3.Fixed: Bugs in data selection and disk viewer.
    4.Improved: Edit point update and installation.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.01 (Feb 16,2006):
    1.Added: Run-time error recovering.
    2.Fixed: Bugs in print out and disk viewer.
    3.Improved: Some dialogs and controls.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 2.0 (Feb 01,2006):
    1.Added: Disk viewer and sector editing function.
    2.Added: Data reversion command.
    3.Fixed: Bugs in Go To dialog.
    4.Modified: Context menu handler.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.43 (Dec 08,2005):
    1.Added: 64-bit integer in-place editing support.
    2.Fixed: In-place editing bugs on read-only file.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.42 (Nov 20,2005):
    1.Added: Fixed length data structure browser and edit support.
    2.Added: IBM floating-point data types support.
    3.Improved: Online help documents.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.41 (Nov 02,2005):
    1.Added: In-place edit, hex to dec, dec to hex convert.
    2.Improved: Data Interpretation Pane.
    3.Fixed: Bugs in key accelerator process.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.4 (Oct 18,2005):
    1.Added: File comparison function.
    2.Improved: Find in files/processes.
    3.Fixed: Some known bugs.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.3 (Sep 22,2005):
    1.Added: Datamark viewer to manage bookmarks.
    2.Added: Export/import XML datamark document.
    3.Improved: Data Interpretation and Search GoTo dialogs.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.24 (Sep 06,2005):
    1.Added: Large XP style toolbar buttons.
    2.Improved: Data swap and the samples.
    3.Improved: Online help documents.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.23 (Aug 18,2005):
    1.Added: User definable c to hex, hex to c.
    2.Added: ASCII text, memory dump, "big number" to hex.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.22 (Jul 18,2005):
    1.Added: Format input text to hex-bytes.
    2.Added: Import formatted number to file.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.21 (Jun 28,2005):
    1.Added: Selection WYSIWYG copy as hex, c/c++ hex data.
    2.Added: File/selection WYSIWYG export to HTML, C source.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.2 (Jun 12,2005):
    1.Added: Process Viewer; Process Searcher; Process Editor.
    2.Added: Find in Files; Find in Processes.
    3.Added: Output-Space to show, open, export search results.
    4.Improved: Work-Space and File Viewer; hex-byte search; etc.
    5.Fixed: Some known bugs.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.12 (May 08,2005):
    1.Added: File/Selection export to HTML, C Source, Hex Text.
    2.Fixed: Some known bugs.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.11 (Apr 12,2005):
    1.Added: C/C++ hex data clipboard support.
    2.Improved: In place file explorer.
    3.Improved: Product support homepage.
    4.Fixed: Some known bugs.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.10 (Mar 24,2005):
    1.Added: In place file explorer.
    2.Added: File/directory changes monitor.
    3.Added: Storage media/drives plug and play.
    4.Added: Exclusive license code support.
    5.Improved: New data interpreter interface.
    6.Improved: New product support homepage..
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.04 (Jan 27,2005):
    1.Added: Windows XP visual styles support.
    2.Added: Line width control interface.
    3.Added: User defined colors for modified text and selection.
    4.Added: Popup menu items on the Open File Tabs.
    5.Fixed: Bugs while processing new or small file.
    6.Fixed: Bugs while updating the panel background color.
    7.Fixed: Command ID error on Cut button.
    8.Improved: Some buttons' appearance and descriptions.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.03 (Jan 18,2005):
    1.Added: Context menu handler.
    2.Added: Open file tabs toolbar.
    3.Added: Command line parameter support.
    4.Added: Tip of the day.
    5.Fixed: Bug when file size is zero.
    6.Improved: Data selection operation.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.02 (Dec 31,2004):
    1.Added: Cut command support in shortcut menu.
    2.Improved: user interface elements.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.01 (Dec 24,2004):
    1.Added: Hex/text search mode toggle function.
    2.Fixed: Bugs in find and replace hex bytes.
    3.Fixed: Asynchronous editing block problems.
    4.Modified: Online help documents.
    5.Improved: Various user interface elements.
  • Hexprobe Hex Editor 1.0 (Dec 04,2004):
    1.New: First Release.


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